Delight over global award

STAVERTON Primary School had a joyous start to the new term when it received a prestigious international award.

The school has been presented with a full International Schools Award from The British Council which it achieved for its work with a school in Nepal.

Headteacher Tim Nelson said: “The school has to fulfil a number of criteria to get the full award, but we have had the foundation and the intermediate award so we decided to go for gold.

“We have done a lot of work with a school in Nepal. We have sent a teacher, Kerry Emery, to a school and the headteacher in Nepal has come over here.

“The pupils have also got pen pals which they are in constant talks with. The relationships are now very much embedded into the school.”

It was a pleasant surprise for the headteacher when he returned to work.

Mr Nelson added: “It was one of the first emails I got when I returned from holiday and we were all really pleased.

“It has been particularly good for Miss Emery who has pioneered these relations.

“This award is handed out every three years and we want to retain it so we will look to develop what we have achieved so far.”