Daventry school’s new sixth form ‘a success’


THE new sixth form centre at a Daventry school has been hailed a success at the end of its first term.

Plans for a sixth form on the site of the Danetre and Southbrook Learning Village were first mooted around 18 months ago.

The director of 14-19 Partnerships and Achievement, Matt Ellis said: “We would have students who would head off and do their A-Levels at Northampton College but we wanted to bring them a bit closer to home where we could monitor them closely.

“It was a request which came from a lot of the parents and pupils to have a sixth form here, for the first time in 20 years.”

Transformation of the old languages block took place over the summer into the new sixth form centre which consists of two classrooms, an IT suite and a combined study area with kitchen to use during the break and lunchtimes.

Mr Ellis says there are plenty of advantages for the pupils choosing to stay at Danetre to study for their A Levels.

He added: “In terms of the number of subjects we can offer at the moment, it is not as many as other schools can offer.

“However, a lot of our pupils will have a good relationship with the teachers, they will also have established friendships and a lot of them will be very settled here.

“If they had to go to different schools then they would not have had that all of those benefits. Since we set up the sixth form, we have found a few of the pupils have come back because they have been unable to settle properly at other schools.”

The school is very pleased with how the sixth form has been going so far as it enters 2012.

Mr Ellis said: “I cannot emphasise how much of a tremendous success that setting up the sixth form has been.

“The pupils are starting to look at university choices and we had a few of them go to a talk about applying to Oxbridge. For us to be in that position after just a few months of setting up the sixth form is fantastic.”

The pupils are all convinced that they made the right decision.

Jack Smithson, 16, who lives in Daventry, said: “I had the chance to go to Lawrence Sheriff School in Rugby, but I decided to stay here instead.

“A lot of my friends were here and I knew all of the teachers.

“I am glad I made the decision. I was uncertain at first because it was a new venture but the school had put a lot of work into me and I felt it was time to repay that faith they had in me.”

Emma Furnivall, 16, who lives in Daventry, said: “I would have gone to Sixth Form elsewhere but I knew that the GCSE results were really good and knew there was a high quality of teaching. I am glad I came here.”

Georgia Wilson, 17, who lives in Daventry, said: “For me, I would have gone to Northampton College if there had not been this option.

“It would have meant a lot more travelling but this is right on my doorstep and it is a good school. I made the right decision.”

The future looks bright for the sixth form at Danetre School and they are already looking to next year.

Mr Ellis added: “We will be teaching four additional subjects, which will take it up to 19 and we will be hopeful of having around the same numbers for next year’s intake.

“I know everyone is delighted with what we have achieved.”