Daventry author spreads the word

A SPECIAL workshop designed to help teachers inspire more young writers, has been co-hosted by a Daventry-based author.

Mark Robson, who lives on the Lang Farm estate, worked with fellow author Ali Sparkes at the workshop called Mark’s and Sparks Get A Way with Words.

The aim was to give teachers more ideas to teach creative writing to youngsters aged between seven and 14.

The session was held at the Barcelo Daventry Hotel on Monday.

Mr Robson said: “It was the first time we have ever done anything like this lasting a full day and it was really successful.

“We were doing lots of different workshops designed to get teachers to be able to engage with the youngsters, so it was coming up with activities based around The X Factor and around interviews.”

Mr Robson, who is a published author of children’s fantasy books, added: “Many of the teachers gave a lot of positive feedback and we were very pleased. There were some teachers who said they wanted something for children who were a bit more advanced so we discovered a new challenge and we are looking at doing something else to help specifically with that.”

“The aim of the workshop was to help teachers but we hope it eventually leads to more children reading and writing more often in the future.”

Martha Pinsent from Welton Primary School praised the workshop saying: “There were some great ideas which could be used in a KS2 classroom. I loved the practical approach.”

Another workshop takes place next year. Any teachers interested can visit www.markrobsonauthor.com.