Alistair’s award for anti-bullying efforts

Pictured is Alisrair Bassett ( 14 ) who has won an anti bullying award.
Pictured is Alisrair Bassett ( 14 ) who has won an anti bullying award.

A TEENAGER who helped set up an anti-bullying group at his school has been presented with a regional award.

Alistair Bassett, 14, has helped Campion School achieve a gold award in the Northamptonshire Anti-Bullying Accreditation Scheme.

His work was recognised after he was presented with the individual contribution to anti-bullying prize at the county’s Young People Awards.

The school’s group was set up two-and-a-half years ago and now arranges anti-bullying workshops, sends out fact sheets every term and organises anti-bullying assemblies, wristbands, logos and posters.

Campion School is the first in the county to achieve a gold award for its efforts.

Alistair said: “It was overwhelming to win the award. I wasn’t expecting it but I was really happy.

“We started the group when I was in Year Seven after hearing about the scheme and thought it was something we would like to do.

“We just wanted to do something to help cut down on bullying in school. We are now working with our catchment primary schools to train their staff and have also produced a DVD for other schools.”

Assistant headteacher Kay Tunicliff has also been involved in the project.

She said: “A huge amount of work has been done by Alistair. He’s very modest but I know he’s worked so hard on this.”

Speaking about the success of the project, she added: “What we have found is students are now far more confident about reporting bullying.

“And we also have an anonymous anti-bullying email account for pupils to use.”