Dyslexia workshops to help parents support their children

The workshop event.
The workshop event.

A new initiative to support parents of dyslexic children, launched at Daventry and District Welfare Foundation on New Street, is already providing help and advice.

The Northamptonshire Dyslexic Association (NDA)launched the first of a series of workshops in February as part of its Dyslexia Parent Support Initiative (DyPSI) which was attended by 15 parents from Daventry.

The session was delivered by specialist dyslexia teacher Jacky Swift, and supported by Pam Tomalin, chairman of the NDA (both themselves affected by dyslexia). It detailed the range of difficulties and challenges affecting dyslexic children.

The parents were also able to look at a range of resources, and share information and experiences with each other, and each were given a copy of the Dyslexia Handbook produced by the British Dyslexia Association, containing advice and information about dyslexia.

The remaining sessions will be running each month through to July at the Daventry and District Welfare Foundation Building in New Street and will be covering topics such as supporting children with reading, spelling, writing, memory and organisation, as well as help with homework, building confidence and self esteem, and looking at the range of helpful technology that is available.

Jamie and Sally Bird attended the session. Their daughter Daisy was diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of seven. Mrs Bird said: “It was a relief really.

“We knew there was something wrong but we didn’t know what. It’s is very difficult to know what to do next to try to get help. It was really nice to meet other parents and listen to their stories about what their children are going through. It was also good to be able to pick the brains of experts.”

Mr Bird added: “At the end of the day dyslexia is not something you can cure. She will always be dyslexic but there are coping mechanisms.”

Ms Tomalin added: “As the NDA receives no funding whatsoever for the charity which has been in existence for 30 years, we would like to extend our thanks to Daventry District Council and Northamptonshire Community Foundation for the grants that enabled these workshops to be possible.

“It is worth remembering that dyslexia is a lifelong condition and there is no cure; however with help and support many dyslexics can go on to lead rewarding and successful lives such as two famous dyslexics, Jamie Oliver and Richard Branson.”

There are still places available on the remaining workshops. booking forms can be obtained from Amanda Eaton at amanda.eaton1@ntlworld.com.