Drug dealer threats lead to evacuation

A convicted drug dealer produced an astonishing and violent outburst in a courtroom where he unleashed a verbal tirade at a judge and barrister.

Christopher Peachment also repeated assertions that the prosecuting barrister would “end up in eternal hell”, and made threats to security staff at Northampton Crown Court.

Peachment, aged 41, formerly of Selt Close, Long Buckby, was appearing for a hearing under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Last month, he was jailed for nine years for possession of Class A and Class C drugs with intent to supply.

Peachment, who has 91 previous convictions, was found with drugs worth £308,240 after a police raid in September 2011.

During the case, the unrepresented Peachment became increasingly agitated, before Judge Richard Bray ordered him to be taken to the cells.

Peachment then started punching the glass in the dock, making threats to the dock officers, and pushed one of them to the floor. More dock officers were called and police also attended, as the courtroom was evacuated. The case was concluded in Peachment’s absence.

Before the violent outburst, Peachment told the court: “You are hell-bound in the name of Jesus. You will all end up in eternal hell. Everything you have said is lies.

“It is not fair on my wife and four children. They have suffered for 12 years. I have been treated inhumanely. You are corrupt, evil, cruel and wicked. There should be an investigation into what has gone on.”

DC Dawn Wright, from Northamptonshire Police’s financial investigation unit, told the court Peachment had no legitimate source of income.

Judge Bray ordered the confiscation of a total of £3,909.82. Peachment was given a 15 year financial reporting order, meaning he has to report all his financial affairs every six months.