Driving school to help youngsters

Linda Ball and Bill Rhoades
Linda Ball and Bill Rhoades

A new driving school is being set up to give youngsters more road experience before they start taking lessons.

Phoenix Engage has been set up by Daventry based driving instructor Linda Ball alongside Bill Rhoades.

It will give teenagers aged under 17 the chance to learn car driving skills and also the basics of car maintenance before they can start driving on the roads.

Mr Rhoades said: “The idea is that we want to reduce the number of youngsters killed or seriously injured, what is known as KSI, statistics.”

The lessons are divided into two different types, one will be the chance to learn about how the car works, and to show them some basic car repair skills such as checking for faulty lights.

They will also be doing practical lessons where young drivers can learn all of the manoeuvres from the driving test as well as a slalom which helps teach steering control.

In the short term the classes will use the old outdoor pool car park to carry out the practical side, having been given permission from Daventry District Council.

Mr Rhoades said: “When they have finished the scheme, they will gain some BTEC qualifications. It will also lower the insurance for drivers when they pass their test.”

The scheme has been backed by Northamptonshire Police and they believe it can make a difference and help reduce the number of accidents on the roads.

Mrs Ball added: “There is a not a lot for the youngsters in Daventry and this is a chance to learn something very practical. If we manage to save just one extra life on the road, then it will be worth us doing this.”

She also believes that educating young people at an early age about driving can make a difference.

Mrs Ball added: “My son Daniel knows a lot about driving because of when we have talked about it.

“When we are in the car, he will see me indicating and he will ask why am I doing it that soon or if I am changing too soon, he will be asking me about it. Because of learning about it, he is thinking about driving and analysing what he is doing. When he does get into the car, he will take that analysis and thought into his driving and become safer.”

For further information about the scheme call 01604 901011.