Drivers highlight the importance of DACT

VOLUNTEER drivers from DACT (Daventry Area Community Transport) have this week told the Daventry Express how invaluable the service they offer people in the district really is.

The Gusher is running a campaign to help save the service from crippling funding cuts which could jeopardise its future.

DACT runs a car service to take people to hospital appointments, the dial-a-ride bus which brings people into Daventry on market days and transport from community groups.

But this year its funding from Northamptonshire County Council has been cut by 20 per cent to £31,000 and next year it may get nothing.

More than a thousand people have already signed a petition to stop the cuts, and Bob Lattaway, who has been driving the dial-a-ride buses for nine years, said: “Many of the people using DACT couldn’t manage without it, especially the elderly and disabled.

“Without this service these people would be housebound and unable to go anywhere.

“When I pick people up on the bus they sometimes say to me “I haven’t been out of the house since I saw you last month”. They would just be stuck at home if we weren’t here.”

And Mr Lattaway’s relationship with the users has now become much more than just a bus driver.

He added: “I now go out for meals with some of the people who use the bus and class them all as friends. It’s difficult to put into words what DACT means to people.

“I would miss it too if anything ever happened to the service.”

The petition can be signed in the Daventry Express offices, at DACT’s offices in the Abbey Centre or at DACT Shopmobility on New Street.

n Last week Riverside Court Senior Citizens Home in Weedon held a coffee morning and cram tea day which raised £500 for the DACT campaign.