Don’t miss out on your vote in local elections

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People living in Daventry District could miss out on their chance to vote if they don’t register by April 17.

On Thursday, May 2, voting will take place countywide for the Northamptonshire County Council election.

By-elections may also be held for Daventry District Council, to fill a vacant seat in Brixworth ward and a vacant seat in Welford ward. A Notice of Election has been published and if the seats are contested, voting will take place on May 2. Potential candidates have until April 5 to submit their nomination papers.

To be able to vote for the local elections, people living in Daventry District need to ensure they have registered on the electoral register by midnight on April 17, 2013. Even if people do not wish to vote, they must still give their registration details to the Council when requested, and the maximum fine for withholding this information is £1,000.

Ian Vincent, returning officer for Daventry district said: “People need to make sure that when the local elections take place this May, they have properly registered to take part.

“Local politics affects everyone in our everyday lives, so it’s important to be able to have your say. If you don’t register to vote then you have no voice at election time.”

Electoral registration forms must be completed and returned to Daventry District Council by midnight on April 17.

Residents who want to vote post or by proxy need to make sure they beat the deadlines.

To vote by post people must be aged 18 or over, on the electoral register and need to complete a postal vote application form and return it to DDC’s rlectoral registration officer by 5pm on Wednesday, April 17.

Voting by proxy means that people appoint someone to vote on their behalf if they are unable to get to a polling station. The proxy must be eligible to vote in the relevant election and willing to vote on the individual’s behalf.

In order to vote by proxy people need to complete an application form and also return it to the council’s electoral registration officer by 5pm on Wednesday, April 24.

For more information contact Daventry District Council on 01327 871100 or go to DDC’s website.