Dog home to close its doors

A DOG rescue sanctuary closes its doors next month despite a campaign by local supporters to safeguard its future.

The Jerry Green Dog Rescue centre in Brixworth was threatened with closure by the group that runs it because it had been operating at a loss for the past two years.

Lyn Engle, who led the campaign to keep the centre open, said: “Since we found out that the centre was under threat a support group was set up which has protested about this proposal.

“They also came up with a workable business plan to run the centre as a local charity, but we would have needed to use the site.

“Despite Jerry Green only paying £1 for the site originally, their asking price was £300,000.

“We could afford to run the centre, but getting together that much money to buy it was impossible.

“We advertised for a rich benefactor but no one came forward.

“The final dogs there were removed a couple of weeks ago to another rescue home.

“All that’s left on the site is the boarding dogs which were already booked in, and I think that side of it all ends in November.”

The centre managed to rehome 176 dogs last year, but always has a waiting list. And the numbers of dogs that need rehoming are increasing across the area due to financial pressures on families’ budgets.

Mrs Engle said: “I want to thank everyone who has helped support the campaign to keep the centre open.”

Daventry district councillor Ann Carter has been a supporter of the sanctuary.

She said: “I’m absolutely devastated by the news.

“It’s been part of the landscape of the village for years, it had a lot of support from local people – lots of people volunteered as dog walkers, and there were people working very hard to turn the situation around.

“As far as I’m aware it was also the last sanctuary of its type in the county.”