Dog attacks on the rise in town

PET owners are being warned to keep their dogs under control after a spate of ‘frightening’ attacks in the district.

There have been 11 separate incidents since the start of the year, with nine of them coming since April.

And Inspector Julia Potts, sector commander for Daventry, said this marks a sharp rise compared to previous years.

During one attack a child was bitten on Staverton Road by a dog tied up outside a school.

And in Long Buckby earlier this year a postman was bitten while delivering mail to a house.

Insp Potts said: “I am concerned at the apparent increase in dog-related incidents reported to us, in particular where people have been injured as a result of dogs either being left tied up and unattended or allowed to escape.

“The potential for injury where dog bites are concerned is frightening and all of the incidents have resulted in at least broken skin.”

During another attack in the town a dog ran out of a house on The Stour and bit a passer-by. There have also been attacks in Ericcson Close and Dee Walk.

In Welton a dog walker was attacked by another dog and in Weedon a passer-by was attacked by a dog tied up outside a shop.

There was also an incident in Brixworth during which a dog jumped over a fence and bit someone in the street.

And in Eydon a cyclist using a bridleway was targeted by a passing dog.

Insp Potts has warned owners that they need to be aware of the potential consequences if their pet lashes out.

She added: “A court can order the destruction of dogs even after just one incident, so I would encourage dog owners to ensure that their dogs are secure at all times.

“They must be under proper control as there can always be a first time for everything, even if their dog has never shown any aggression before.