District ‘needs more houses’

Villagers from West Haddon protesting at the planning inquiry
Villagers from West Haddon protesting at the planning inquiry

A planning inquiry which started on Tuesday has stated that there is still not a five year housing land supply for the Daventry district.

The comments were made at the start of a planning inquiry to determine a proposal for 80 homes in West Haddon.

Millar Homes has launched an appeal to build the homes on land off Elizabeth Road and Victoria Close, the area known locally as The Old Rec.

Daventry District Council’s planning committee refused to give permission for the development at its meeting in September. Both Peter Goatley, who is representing the applicant, and Richard Woods from the district council said that the area only had a housing land supply for the next 4.68 years.

During his opening statement to the inquiry Mr Goatley said: “It was the planning officials and the landscape officer of Daventry District Council who could see nothing wrong with these plans.

“Any issues from the development would be outweighed by the benefits that it would bring.

“There is plenty of local facilities that would be able to used by the people who move into this development.

“The granting of this planning application would also contribute to improving the five-year housing land supply which Daventry District Council does not have.

“This development will also have 40 per cent affordable housing and there is a continuing and acute need for more affordable housing in the local area.”

The planning application has been highly controversial and attracted criticism from a number of local residents.

Protestors have said the plans will stretch local services and result in the loss of important green space in the village.

The planning inquiry is expected to reach a conclusion later today (Thursday).

After its conclusion a report will be drawn up by Isobel McCretton and a final decision will be made by the Secretary of State Eric Pickles.