Dishing up some festive goodwill

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A PUB in Daventry has treated hundreds of people over the age of 60 to a free festive meal over the holiday season.

The Queen of Hearts, in Wimborne Place on the town’s Ashby Fields estate, has lived up to its name by serving up some seasonal goodwill for the fourth year running.

This is the first time the pub’s new managers, Richard and Sandy Rowse, have organised the event since they took over the pub in 2010 following the sudden death of former landlord Mark Pemberton.

Mr Rowse said: “It is a great legacy left behind by Mark and it is one that we always said we would continue with.

“It was a little hard getting it all organised and inviting people along, but after all that hard work to see the end result is amazing.”

The pub has put on meals on five separate days over the festive season, with four taking place in the last week. In total they expect to have served between 250 and 300 people.

They are paid for by funds raised at the pub throughout the rest of the year.

One guest, Lillian Payne from Henry Smith House on the town’s Headlands estate, said: “It’s the first time I’ve come along.

“We all want to say it’s a lovely gesture from the management of the pub to do this for us.”

Mr Rowse said: “This is the fourth year the pub has done this and it’s growing every time. We want to get everyone in Daventry over the age of 60 here.

“We can get in touch with the homes and the housing associations, and we can go back through the paperwork. But it’s the people living on their own that we find hard to reach.”