Disabled man denied chance to build on his home

Daventry District Council Offices
Daventry District Council Offices

A disabled man has been stopped from building a bungalow on his property because his garden now falls outside the village boundary.

Carl Weininger, aged 62, of West Haddon, has polio and severe injuries caused by a motorbike accident and wants to build a bungalow in his garden so he can rent out his house, but remain living independently in the same place.

However, Daventry District Council’s local plan – which sets out the official village confines to prevent over development – has drawn the boundary through his property, leaving his house in West Haddon but his garden in open countryside.

It means any development in his garden is banned under rules to stop ‘infill’ which means the long-term joining-up of villages by building houses round their edges.

Mr Weininger said: “The logic defeats me.

“How can my house be in a village yet my garden not be? The line zig-zags round my house yet nobody seems to be able to tell me why it couldn’t have been drawn a few metres the other way.”

Mr Weininger said he was particularly puzzled because permission for a developer to build 100 new homes beyond the village boundary – between Northampton Road and Guilsborough Road – were approved on appeal last month.

The planning inspector who overturned the decision said he did so because the homes would significantly address a shortage of houses in West Haddon.

Mr Weininger said he would love to legally challenge the council’s ruling on his home but said, unlike developers, he does not have the money required,

He said; “All I really wanted was to build a home that would make living more manageable in future years and keep me out of hospital. I hate the thought of becoming a burden on the state, but it seems I’m being forced down that road.”