Disabled girl refused wet room by DDC

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A FATHER has hit out at Daventry District Council (DDC) for failing to support the needs of his severely disabled daughter.

Ian Margieson bought a house in Ganton Close, Daventry with a view to converting part of the downstairs into a wet room for his eight-year-old daughter Harriet, a quadriplegic who uses a wheelchair and requires around-the-clock care.

He enquired to DDC about getting a disabled facilities grant to install the wet room at the house.

However, it was turned down because the facility was already available at his wife’s home in Byfield where Harriet spends 50 per cent of her time.

Ian and wife Jane are now separated but share custody of their daughter. But, without the wet room, Ian must either wash his daughter on the sofa or carry her upstairs.

Mr Margieson said: “Harriet is incontinent and has to wear nappies all day, so hygiene is something that is very important.

“We bought this house because part of the downstairs would be perfect to install a wet room.”

Mr Margieson says DDC’s response was unsympathetic. He added: “Harriet can not be carried upstairs and indeed to try and do so is very dangerous for her.

“I have been told by DDC I should drive Harriet to her mother’s and give her a wash there.

“Her mother and I are still on very good terms, but we are separated so it was a very insensitive suggestion.

“I know that DDC have the option to use its discretion to make grants available and to be told straight away that there would be no way I can get this done.”

Mr Margieson added: “Harriet’s occupational therapist has recommended getting a wet room grant and has been very helpful in trying to get one.

“I would just like an answer as to why they can not use their discretion to help out so that I can then look for other ways of getting this wet room. But I do believe that DDC can and should help.”

DDC’s community manager Maria Taylor said the council does not discuss individual cases but says it operates within the law when providing disabled facilities grants.