Director’s film is finalist for award

Duet Duel
Duet Duel
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A film by a director from Daventry, which also stars two local actors, has been shortlisted for a county award.

Duet Duel by Laurence Maybury, 22, is one of six short films selected as finalists for the Film Northants 2013 competition.

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Mr Maybury said: “The film I have entered “Duet Duel” is about a band trying to cope with the problems of noisy neighbours, it is a five-minute short comedy.

“It stars Calum Blake, Daventry men Chris Cosentino, and Chris Milner, as well as Matthew Pitcairn. And I’ve lived in Daventry all my life. The opening of the film was shot in Daventry as well.

“I used to be in a band, and Calum and I used to be in a band together. People say to write about what you know and this film is kind of about that. It’s filmed in the same rehearsal room we used to use.”

Mr Maybury works part time as a cameraman, and is studying media production at the University of Northampton.

He said: “Normally I feel guilty calling myself a director because you are normally working with other people behind the camera, but on this film it was just me.

“I’ve made several short films, and they’re getting longer and longer, but making anything too long takes a lot of time and money.

“I always ask myself why I make films. I guess the answer is that you come up with an idea and you then have to figure out how to get all the jigsaw pieces together right, and find people who can help you do it as well.”