‘Dig deep to help build town canal’

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A PUBLIC appeal for money to pay for and run the proposed canal arm into Daventry is set to be launched later this year.

The Daventry Canal Association has said it is its intention to raise cash to buy the land for the canal and pay for the building work.

And it will be asking townspeople to dig deep both financially and physically to get construction underway.

The group says it will also be approaching some of the larger local companies for their support.

Chairman David Hawkey said: “We realise there are local concerns about the loss of the Eastern Way playing fields as a result of the WaterSpace development.

“However, we firmly believe that the building of the canal arm will create far more open space along the eastern edge of Daventry Country Park than is being lost; with the additional benefit that this will act as a natural buffer zone to prevent any future housing development towards the park.

“It is our intention to establish (with others) a Daventry Canal Trust to build and operate the canal.

“As soon as the planning application is approved we intend to approach the largest business rates payers in Daventry district to solicit the necessary funds to start the process.

“Our aim is for the trust to purchase the land required for the canal and Country Park extension.

“We propose to launch a public appeal for funds later this year, once the detailed planning permission has been obtained.

“We would hope to have the backing of both DDC and the Town Council for this proposal.”