Dentist Deborah departs the Great British Bake Off

Deborah Manger
Deborah Manger

A SPECIALIST dentist who works on patients in the Daventry district has exited The Great British Bake Off.

Deborah Manger, who works as a clinical director and specialist in special care dentistry for the Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation, left the competition in last night’s (Tuesday) show.

It was a hard week for the 51-year-old who accidentally used another person’s custard in her tropical trifle, came third from bottom in the technical challenge to make floating islands and failed to impress with her Petit Four.

Speaking on the show after her elimination, she said: “It kicked off with the wrong custard and I think from that point on, it was a cascade of misery.”

Speaking about her experience on the BBC Two show, she said: “If I could do it again, would I? In a heartbeat! I have had a blast. I met some great people both bakers and production team and learnt a lot about me.

“Since participating in the series I have a new found respect for participants. Despite the fact I manage a fairly difficult job on a daily basis, I find it odd that I found baking in the tent so stressful.”

The episode can be seen on the BBCs iPlayer service.