Demi helps others after battle with lung cancer

Demi is helping others.
Demi is helping others.

A Long Buckby woman who has battled lung cancer is putting the drinks on ice in January to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Demi Pestell, 36, nearly died twice as a results of the disease.

She is now giving up alcohol for a month and taking part in Dryathlon.

Demi said: “Against the odds I’m still here and the happiest I’ve ever been.

“My father passed away from a different type of lung cancer several years before me. Half the stuff that’s here to help me wasn’t available to him and that’s only changed because of the work Cancer Research UK has done. It’s a no brainer I’d want to raise money for this cause.”

Despite the odds of recovery being weighed against her, Demi pulled through and doctors told her she could go home on Christmas Eve.

Demi said: “At this point they were still dealing with an unknown primary but the doctor did tell me that I was eligible for gene testing as this might reveal where the cancer had come from. A friend very generously paid for the test for me and the results came back 96.6 per cent that I have ALK+mutation non small cell lung cancer.”

As a result of her diagnosis Demi was eligible for trial drugs which had instant results.

Demi said: “Within days I felt back to my normal self. I’d gone from being completely dependent on my mum and hardly able to do anything to feeling absolutely great and getting out and about and doing all the things I used to love.

“I’ve cheated death twice and it’s made me realise I’m much more resilient than I thought.”

Support Demi at her justgiving page – or register to take part in Dryathlon.