Demand for school places, but no money for teachers

Pictured is Clare Harris with her son Jack
Pictured is Clare Harris with her son Jack
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A MOTHER has discovered schools with enough demand for extra places in Daventry are being denied funding to provide them.

Clare Harris lives on Stefen Hill and had applied for her four-year-old son Jack to start at The Grange school in September, with a second choice of Falconers Infant School.

She picked those schools as she has a two-year-old and a four-month-old as well as Jack, and wanted a school with an on-site nursery.

But she was told both schools were oversubscribed and instead Jack was given a place at St James School.

She said: “We live on Stefan Hill and my eldest Jack and his two year old brother both attend the Playhouse Nursery on the Grange.

“With the ages of our children, it is vitally important that we had a nursery, infant and primary school all in the same facility to ensure the punctual and safe drop off.

“Fast forward a few years and in theory I would have one at the Abbey Junior School, one at St James and one at the nursery on the Grange.

“Practically this is impossible either by car or walking. I am also a type one diabetic and therefore am not guaranteed my driving licence as I have to regularly re-new it.”

Mrs Harris was prompted to contact the Daventry Express after reading about the lack of primary school places in Daventry.

She added: “I have since discovered a total of 22 children were not offered a place at the Grange school, including eight who actually live on the Grange!

“The Grange school needs a minimum of 24 children to make a reception class.

“It appears, as per normal, it’s down to budgets – Northamptonshire County Council will not pay for a teacher while there are still places available in Daventry.

“Surely it makes sense to build a school on Middlemore.

“As well as the children on that estate not having a school on the doorstep it is having a knock-on effect on all the other primary schools in Daventry.”