Delays on plans for Weedon crossroads

PLANNED improvements to the A5/A45 crossroads in Weedon could be further delayed due to changes proposed to Daventry’s Monksmoor development.

The changes for the crossroads would see an increase in the number of lanes and traffic calming measures.

After the Monksmoor development was given the go-ahead by the planning inspecorate two years ago, one of the conditions was improvements to the crossroads would be carried out before anyone lives on the estate.

But the developer behind the 1,000-home Monksmoor estate, Crest Nicholson, has now submitted plans to Daventry District Council asking to only carry out the improvements to the crossroads after the 200th home is occupied.

The chairman of Weedon Bec Parish Council Stuart Jacks said: “I think the Highways Agency themselves believe the traffic will go up 20 per cent over the next 10 years.

“These sort of things need to be improved if you are going to make changes.”

Cllr Jacks added: “This is one of the most important junctions in the county and anything which can be done to improve the safety on the crossroads needs to be carried out.

“There are external factors in play that can delay these plans.

“However, the crossroads needs all of the help that it can get.”

It is a further blow to the plans to improve the traffic situation on the A5/A45 as earlier this year, planning permission was granted for a Tesco Express to be built on the site of The Globe Hotel on the same crossroads.

Campaigners against the plans for Tesco argued already existing safety concerns would be exacerbated if it was given approval.

The changes to the condition will now be determined by Daventry District Council in the near future.