Decision on sale of Middlemore homes to be investigated by Daventry District Council committee

30 families living on Middlemore are affected
30 families living on Middlemore are affected

Daventry District Councillors unanimously voted to investigate the sell-off of Middlemore estate houses, delaying any final decision until July.

During a full council meeting last night, councillors faced several questions from Middlemore residents who expressed their fears and concerns over the prospect of losing their homes.

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In the meeting, Labour councillors Wendy Randall (Lab, Drayton) and Ken Ritchie (Lab, Abbey North) put forward a motion asking DDC to take all reasonable steps to alleviate the difficulties the Middlemore tenants were facing as a result of the decision to sell the properties.

In response, council leader Chris Millar (Con, Long Buckby) proposed an amendment to refer the sale to the Scrutiny and Improvement Committee to further investigate the matter and report back to full council on July 26.

Chairman of the scrutiny committee, Cllr Adam Brown (Con, Weedon), said he was delighted the "important issue" was not going to be rushed through full council.

He said: “I think it’s a testament to the true importance of the issue that we have so many residents here today and I would like to make them three promises on this issue.

“Firstly, that they will be consulted fully on the issue as we take it through scrutiny and improvement.

“Secondly, that it will be led by evidence and not politics.

“And thirdly, that this will be a cross-party affair.

“I’d like to extend an invitation to Cllr Ritchie and Cllr Randall to provide whatever evidence they see fit to the panel.”

He added: “It’s also testament to the true importance of this issue that since this was discussed at our group meeting on Monday night, I’ve had half a dozen offers of assistance from across the Conservative Group.

“They’re all keen to see justice done to this issue, to see us take a full, considered approach to the matter at hand because I know from experience that no matter whether your renting or you own your home… your home is your home and there’s a huge amount of emotion and personal interest invested in this subject.

“So I promise you all this matter will be given the importance it deserves and the respect it deserves.”

Speaking after the meeting, several of the Middlemore tenants said the decision was "the best we could have asked for" and that they were pleased with the outcome.

They welcomed the fact the thought process behind the sale had changed, and that the matter was going to be investigated "properly".