Debate to determine whether 2019 local election takes place in Daventry

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Daventry councillors are set to debate whether to hold local elections next year ahead of a likely move to becoming a new unitary authority in 2020.

All seven district and borough councils, as well as the county council, are likely to be replaced by two single-tier unitary authorities in 2020. Council leaders have been meeting to discuss the reorganisation and thrash out a deal to a joint bid can be launched by the end of August.

Due to the impending changes, councillors across the county have been raising the issue of whether there will be any need to hold local elections in 2019.

Now Daventry District Council will discuss a motion on Thursday evening from Labour councillors Aiden Ramsey and Ken Ritchie which calls on Daventry to proceed regardless.

The motion reads: “Daventry, unlike other councils in the county, holds elections in thirds and consequently elections in 2019 would not change the political control or leadership of Daventry.

“Elections in 2019 would ensure that Daventry District Council would enter the final phase of its existence with a full democratic mandate.”

Councillors will vote whether to back the amendment, and if they do, will pledge to hold elections for a third of its seats next year.