Day of action targets anti-social behaviour

MHDE'Wimborne Place
MHDE'Wimborne Place

CONCERNED families took to Wimborne Place in Daventry last week where a Day of Action aimed to stamp out anti-social behaviour in the area.

The area, particularly the playing field adjacent to Ashby Fields Primary School, was identified as an anti-social behaviour hotspot with residents complaining to the police about litter and broken glass bottles spread across the green.

In response to these issues the Daventry and District and Northamptonshire Community Safety Partnership, along with the police and contractor Enterprise, attended the day to speak to people about their concerns and find new ways to improve the area.

Headteacher at Ashby Fields Primary School, Neil Balliston, welcomed the news saying he hoped it would make the area safer and more usable for the school’s children in future. He also hoped it would encourage the community to work together.

Community partnership manager at DDC, Kevin Fagan, said: “The day of action was generally well received and gave the local community an opportunity to speak to agencies about any concerns and issues they have about Wimborne Place.

“Enterprise also placed two new bins by the play area in the hope that local people will place litter in them.”

Daventry District Council also ran a consultation with children from the local primary school to find out what kind of new play equipment they would like to see on the green space.

Ashby Fields resident, Tim Wills, has complained about the playing field in the past after his Jack Russell Sapphire cut her leg on broken glass.

Following the clean up, he said: “The field is still tidy and they have re-fitted the new bin that was ripped up and I noticed the hedge has been cut so it’s looking positive. However it is winter and not many people use the field at this time so summer will be the test.”