David gives exhibition his best shot

By David Hollis.
By David Hollis.

Daventry photographer David Hollis is holding an exhibtion documenting some of his best work.

He has been taking photos for more than 15 years and belongs to Daventry Photographic Society.

By David Hollis.

By David Hollis.

This is David’s first solo exhibition and he hopes it will appeal to all tastes.

It runs from January 21 - February 17 at Daventry Library.

David said: “I’ve dabbled with photography over the years as my main hobby and joined the photographic society which has helped me improve my standard of work.

“I get my inspiration from all sorts of place. I went on safari and I wanted to get better photos to remember it.

“Then I joined Daventry Photographic Society and entered a competition. The judge on the day said it was great work and I got a great score out of 20, which was just the push I needed.”

David said a favourite subject to capture is animals.

“The main feature is African animals, but I am putting in some awarded images to show them off,” he added.

“I hope the exhibition appeals to everyone and I hope it’s a great success.”

Daventry Photographic Society is open to all with a wide variety of members of different abilities.

The club, which meets weekly and has speakers and events, is suitable for any adult with an intereest in photography, regardless of expertise or equipment.

For more information visit http://www.daventryphotographicsociety.co.uk/ David’s own website on http://ugly1.foliopic.com/