Daventry women urged to check their breasts with help of new calendar

Calendar reminds women to check their boobs.
Calendar reminds women to check their boobs.

Women in Daventry are urged to check their breasts regularly to look for signs of cancer.

Celebrating 25 years of its Breast Cancer Crusade, Avon Cosmetics has launched a free 2018 desk calendar that encourages Associates to check their boobs - or pecs - once a month.

Women are advised to check their breasts at least once a month for signs and symptoms of breast cancer but a recent survey revealed that one in three UK Avon Associates are not regularly checking their boobs or pecs. In response to this, the cosmetics company has created a ‘boob check’ calendar.

Natalie Kelly, CEO at CoppaFeel! which was founded in Daventry, said: “When we first heard about the boob calendar we couldn’t help but smile and applaud the team at Avon for having fun and hence spreading the message further. It’s really getting behind what CoppaFeel! stands for, that monthly reminder to check your boobs.”

The colourful calendar features 12 senior leaders, each holding props with a fun reminder to check your breasts every month. Signs and symptoms to look for when checking your breasts are included as well as a monthly reminder boob stamp to save the date.

In 2009, Avon donated a £1,000 grant to CoppaFeel! – the charity’s first donation that helped local founder, Kris Hallenga establish CoppaFeel!