Daventry woman who lost ability to walk takes on Wolf Run challenge

Gill Bromley
Gill Bromley

A woman from Daventry will be taking on the Autumn 2015 Wolf Run near Southam for Multiple Sclerosis Society

Gill Bromley was diagnosed with MS last year.

She said: “In March 2014 I lost the sensation in the right side of my body and vision in my right eye, after having an urgent MRI that detected multiple lesions in my brain and on my spinal cord I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. By the time I received my diagnosis I had lost the use of my arms and legs, my hearing and even the ability to swallow.

“Multiple sclerosis is a disease that has no known cure and gradually causes the nervous system to stop working in individuals suffering from it. I work in the medical field but was shocked to find that doctors don’t even understand what causes it and that despite the fact that more than 50 people are diagnosed with this disease in the UK every week more than 90 per cent of the population are unable to name a single symptom.”

After a massive dose of steroids and specialist therapy, Gill has regained the ability to walk and drive, and has returned to work.

She said: “While I am blessed with good health I have opted to run – not your average 10K race but one that involves running through woods, over obstacles, through lakes and fields... running wild!”

To sponsor Gill go to www.justgiving.com/