Daventry Town Council to consider introduction of community policing or street wardens

Daventry Town Council
Daventry Town Council

Daventry Town Council has set up a working group to consider the possibility of introducing community policing or street wardens to the town, following a meeting of its Community Services Committee.

The idea was previously talked about among town councillors but had not materialised due to its expense.

A rise in the precept - the element of council tax paid to Daventry Town Council - would most likely be introduced to fund the service.

Before a final decision is made, the town council’s working group will discuss the matter further before submitting a report to Daventry Town Council's community services committee if the scheme is viable.

The committee would then decide whether to make the recommendation to Daventry Town Council, who in turn would make a final call on it.

The wardens would be employees of the town council and could help deal with anti-social behaviour matters, assist the CCTV team, hand out fixed penalty notices and handle environmental issues.

“They would be a good intermediary between the police and the CCTV team,” said Daventry Town Council clerk Deborah Jewell.

The wardens could at a later stage take on more responsibility should the public be happy to fund it through an increase in the council’s precept.

If the scheme is given the green light, the town council - who hope the introduction of community policing will not only provide jobs but also a safer environment for Daventry residents - anticipate an initial trial period before a final commitment is made.

Daventry’s precept is lower compared to other parishes, said Mrs Jewell. Anticipating how much a warden might cost a taxpayer, Mrs Jewell estimated it could be as equivalent to £3 per person a year.