Daventry Town Council explains tax increase

Council tax payers in Daventry have been opening their bills to discover the part paid to Daventry Town Council has gone up by 14 per cent year on year, despite the council saying it was cutting its budget.

The inflation-busting increase has prompted several people to contact the town council asking exactly what has happened.

The town council has now put out a statement saying it has actually reduced its budget, but that changes to council tax benefit means there are fewer households to pay it, resulting in each having to pay more.

The statement says: “In the past the government has provided 100 per cent funding to support the amount Daventry District Council has to contribute in Council Tax Benefit.

“This year the funding has been reduced by 10 per cent, affecting the council tax base of precepting

authorities – like the town council.

“Daventry Town Council has been able to reduce the amount of its precept for the year 2013/14, despite recently taking on the provision of additional services, such as CCTV.

“At its meeting in December the council agreed its requirement was £289,260, a reduction of £1,200 on the previous year.

“However, the impact of the reduction in council tax support on the council tax base is such that the tax levied on

a ‘Band D’ property will still increase by £4.37 per annum.

“Members of the town council, at its meeting on January 28, agreed the option to take a grant from the district council to offset the shortfall, but agreed this was a short-term solution to a long term problem and next year they may be forced to cut services as the grant may not be available and legislation may prevent them

from raising the precept more than two to three per cent.

“Subsequently, the council resolved to precept for their budget requirement and take £30,000 as an additional payment to fund additional services.”