Daventry Town Council election results

The verification of the ballots
The verification of the ballots

All seats on Daventry Town Council were up for election on May 22, with the results announced on Sunday.

This year the structure of the parish council has changed from four wards sending multiple candidates to seven wards with varying numbers of councillors for each.

Contested seats:


Peter Randall 64

Karen Tweedale 275 - elected


Linda Jones 432 - elected

Ruaraidh Macanndrais 421

Mark Wesley 440 - elected


Sean Connors 88

Sheila Game 187 - elected


Ron Fox 708 - elected

Zeshan Hussain 342

Peter Luke 399 - elected

Wendy Randall 884 - elected

Glenda Simmonds 496 - elected

Gail Smith 282

Lynne Taylor 627 - elected

The following wards on the town council had too few candidates to require a vote.

The automaticall elected councillors are:

Abbey Central - Sue Hamp, Ted Nicholl.

Ashby Fields - Paul Kempsell, Julie Wesley.

Hill - Mark Arnold, Maureen Luke, Keith Simpson, Steve Tubb.