Daventry Town Council approves bus shelter grant

Cllr Lynne Taylor
Cllr Lynne Taylor

A £1,000 grant to aid the construction of a bus shelter on Collingwood Way in Daventry was approved by members of the town council on Monday.

Councillors were impressed by residents who have already sought grants from other agencies to build the bus shelter near their homes for the good of the community.

Councillors also heard an application for funding from the president of the Phoenix Youth Centre, Elaine Bedford, who asked for £15,000 to pay for a member of staff and to support the ongoing work of the centre.

Councillor Lynne Taylor said she was very much in support of the work of the youth centre but was presented with a “dilemma” as the council’s policy does not fit this kind of funding.

She said: “At the moment this falls outside of our funding policy and we need to go away and look at that. I propose we set up a working group at the council to decide a policy where this is workable.”

Councillors agreed to set up a working group.

They also agreed to fund two radios for Daventry police, to the sum of £360, which work with the CCTV and pub watch to prevent crime.

The radios will assist police and pub owners over the festive season and at night time. Cllr Taylor said she believed it was a small price to pay and that the less crime seen in the town the more it shows the radio scheme is working.