Daventry Tesco customer outraged as store refuses to sell him cooking wine because partner had no ID

A Tesco customer has criticised'‹ the supermarket for showing a 'complete lack of common sense' after they refused to complete'‹ t'‹he sale of £150 '‹of goods because his partner could not provide any '‹identification'‹.

Wednesday, 1st March 2017, 6:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 1st March 2017, 10:11 am
Dr Mike Gore

Dr Mike Gore, 30, was shopping with his partner, who turns 24 next month, at the Daventry Tesco Superstore on New Street when the incident happened.

“I was quite smartly dressed on a Saturday afternoon​,​ going shopping,” said Dr Gore. “I wasn’t there with a bunch of 16-year-olds buying Stella. There was one alcoholic item in the whole of the​ trolley​, which was a cooking wine.”

While at the check out, the cashier asked Dr Gore to produce​ identification​ ​because the couple were purchasing Marsala wine as an ingredient in a tiramisu they were intending ​to make.

Dr Gore, an engineering director, explained: “I pulled out my ID showing I’m 30-years-old and then she turned and asked my partner, who said that she didn’t have her handbag with her so didn’t have any ID.

“The cashier said​,​ ‘we cannot sell you any alcohol whatsoever because somebody in your party is under age.’”

Because Tesco operate a Think 25 policy, the manager refused to allow Dr Gore and his partner to complete their shop because his partner looked under 25 and could no provide a proof of age.

“I explained it was for a tiramisu,” said Dr Gore, “we had the manager there ​but​ they said that they had made their decision. We were talking for a good five minutes​,​ at which point I said ‘I’m fed up with this’ and just walked out and abandoned the shopping at the desk.”

He added: “She’s 24 next month and I can understand that they say if someone looks under 25 they need to ID them.

“But if she hasn’t got her handbag, isn’t paying for the shopping, and doesn’t have any ID, yet the person paying for the shop is providing you with ID and is over the age of 30, then what on ​earth is the problem?

“It’s a complete lack of common sense and a massive overreaction.”

Tesco were approached for a comment and responded: “We take our responsibility as a retailer of alcohol very seriously. This includes operating a strict Think 25 policy.”