Daventry teenager accused of murder told police he picked up knife because he was ‘scared’ of victim

Stanley Harrison NNL-141212-162726001
Stanley Harrison NNL-141212-162726001

A Daventry teenager accused of murdering his childhood friend by stabbing him in the neck told police officers he had picked up a knife to “show he was being serious”, a court heard.

On the third day of the trial of Haranaryan ‘Ryan’ Johal, aged 18, and from Daventry, the jury were read a transcript of his first interview after he was arrested following the death of Stanley Harrison in the early hours of June 14.

Northampton Crown Court heard that Johal claimed he grabbed the knife after he was pushed to the floor by Stanley.

Johal said his friend was punching him and he wanted to get him out of his house in Newbury Drive, on Lang Farm, Daventry.

Johal told the officer interviewing him: “I went to went to grab the knife to show him I was being serious. I was not going to use it.”

The jury was read a transcript of Johal’s first police interview in which he said Stanley’s was “driving his way back into the house” and punching towards him when he “fell down” after being stabbed by the knife.

Johal said: “I was looking away. I was trying to defend myself and push him out when Stanley just suddenly fell to the floor.”

In his second police interview on June 15, Johal said he had picked up the knife because he was “scared” of Stanley.

He said: “I picked up the knife as I was worried he was just going to carry on. I did not want anyone to get hurt. I did not want to get punched in the face.

“There was no limit to what he would have done. He would not have stopped.

“I had never seen him so angry. I just wanted him to go.”

Johal told police it was “not deliberate” that he chose the biggest knife from the kitchen.

Johal denies a charge of murder. The case continues.