Daventry teenager accused of murder admits lying to police over fears of bringing “shame” upon his family

Stanley Harrison
Stanley Harrison

A Daventry teenager accused of murdering his childhood friend admitted lying to officers about the amount of alcohol and drugs he had consumed because he did not want to bring “shame” upon his family.

Stanley Harrison, aged 17, died after suffering a six centimetre knife wound to his neck during the early hours of June 14.

On the fourth day of the trial of Haranaryan ‘Ryan’ Johal, aged 18, told Northampton Crown Court he had lied to officers about the sequence of events leading up to Stanley’s death because he feared the disapproval of the community.

He said: “Letting them know I had taken drugs is a lot worse than alcohol.

“It would have brought a lot of shame on the family.”

Johal said he was trying to protect the reputation of friends when he initially denied taking cocaine and lied about the amount of alcohol he had consumed in the evening leading up to Stanley Harrison’s death,

When interviewed by his lawyer Stephen Linehan QC, Johal accepted he had caused Stanley’s death but denied intending to kill him.

Johal said: “It has been 180 days since this happened and every single day I have questioned myself why it happened.”

Johal said he had picked up the kitchen knife because he wanted to show he was “serious” after asking Stanley to leave the house and he wanted him to “chill”.

But Christopher Donnellan QC of the prosecution, said Johal “couldn’t face the truth”, and he was thinking only of himself following the stabbing.

“You sat in your room, turned up the music and you didn’t call an ambulance.”

The jury were shown bodycam footage shot by police during the arrest in which the defendant told officers: “I f***** up man, I’m going to jail.”

Harnaryan Johal denies murdering Stanley Harrison.

The trial continues.