Daventry slimmer sheds stones to improve health

Jackie Kittler after losing almost four stone
Jackie Kittler after losing almost four stone

A woman who worked in the pub and food industry for most of her adult life says she feels great after losing almost four stone.

Jackie Kittler, of Daventry, weighed more than 15 stone before, in her 60s, deciding she had better do something about her weight before it became too late.

Jackie Kittler before she lost weight

Jackie Kittler before she lost weight

She said: “While visiting the leisure centre in Daventry I was offered a weight loss program by Wellbeing for Health.

“I was 15st 4lb at the time.

“When I eventually had my appointment, I was very pleased to know it was linked to Weight Watchers.

“I thought ‘this is my time to begin looking after myself’.

“So, on June 6, 2016, I joined the class at Daventry Leisure centre.”

Not knowing anyone, Jackie was quite nervous about attending. But she says being on so much medication and the pain in her knees was the wake-up call she needed to push passed her nerves.

She said: “I soon made friends with other slimmers who were there for the same reason I was.

“When we had group food quizzes we started helping each other out and soon we all became friends.

“Having friends was an important part of my journey as it encouraged me when I went through times when losing weight seemed harder.”

Jackie stuck to the plan and with the support of her coach and other members took only 11 months to reach her goal weight.

She said: “Over the 11 months it took me to reach my gold status I had lots of temptations from the outside.”

Over Christmas, Jackie only gained one pound and knew for the first time that she had changed her relationship with food and could now enjoy festive treats without the massive weight gain.

She said: “I have recently been away on holiday and when I got back, I had maintained my goal weight. I have now maintained that weight for nine months.

“I look and feel great! I can go into shops or order clothes on line without worrying if they will fit.

“I can walk without losing my breath and my doctor is reviewing my medication.

“Don’t ever think it is too late!”

Jackie’s current weight is 11st 6lb.