Daventry school helps students in the Philippines

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Students from Daventry UTC have sent more than 100kg of stationery supplies to a school in the Philippines.

The UTC’s Student Leadership Team (SLT) had organised a number of fundraising events during the past academic year in order to raise money for purchasing of the stationary equipment for Bantayan Central Elementary School.

Adam Tarbox, the UTC’s engagement and learning mentor had visited the Bantayan school last year while he was touring around Asia. He was extremely impressed how a school which is short of facilities after being affected by the deadly super typhoon Yolanda in 2013, was putting a lot of effort for looking after its 3,000 students.

After his return to the UK, Mr Tarbox wanted to help the school and the students.

He said: “Here, in England our students are provided with the best possible education and sometimes we all take it for granted. At the UTC we will start building relations between our students and the students in the Philippines in order to learn about their culture and share ours.

“My short term plan was to always send over as much stationery equipment as I could in order to give back to the students that need the equipment the most because the families are so poor.

“One pen, pencil, ruler, etc, per student is like winning the lottery for them.

“My long term plan is to try and raise some substantial money in order to help the school with some rebuild costs for the parts of the school that got destroyed by typhoon Yolanda. Funding has been an issue for the last two years from the government because the island is so remote and off the beaten track.”

The UTC’s efforts to help the Bantayan Central Elementary School would not be possible without valuable help from its industry partners. In order to aid with the substantial shipping cost Cummins had offered to post the parcels via DHL who are Cummins’ logistical partner and DHL was very happy to look after this ‘special cargo’.

Complete Office, who the UTC students chosen to order the equipment from has also offered to donate £400 worth of additional free stationery too.

Sally Childs, Cummins corporate responsibility for education said: “We work very closely with the UTC, helping to change views about engineering through education, presenting it as a fascinating, relevant and dynamic career choice for young people.

“Having such a positive opinion of the UTC students, we were pleased to be able to help with their fundraising activities.

“The student leadership team there really puts a lot of effort into doing many good things not only for the local but now for the worldwide community.”

Daventry University Technical College is now looking forward to continue establishing a closer relation between its students and the school in the Philippines in the new year and helping them rebuild the school facilities in the very near future.