Daventry school and Formula 1 firm crown engineering student of the year

Jack Scully receives the award from Lee Walters
Jack Scully receives the award from Lee Walters

A student at a Daventry school has seen his hard work recognised and has taken a step along the path towards an apprenticeship for a Formula 1 firm.

Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains (HPP) has chosen Daventry UTC’s engineering student of the year.

Year 12 Engineering student Jack Scully has been recognised as this year’s most deserving of the award and has been automatically invited to an apprenticeship assessment centre later this year.

Mercedes AMG HPP produces Formula 1 engines in Brixworth and Daventry UTC has been selected by the firm as a place to scope for new talent.

The award was presented by Lee Walters, Mercedes AMG HPP’s employee development manager .

Lee said: “It is critical for us to maintain a pipeline of talented apprentices into HPP as the future engineering technicians.

“In order to facilitate this, it is extremely important to have a close partnership with academia.

“Receiving this award is the first stepping stone to fantastic engineering opportunities in Mercedes AMG HPP and in Formula 1 as whole.

“Congratulations to Jack on behalf of our managing director, Andy Cowell, and the team at HPP.”

Each year, Mercedes AMG HPP receives hundreds of apprenticeship applications, and only a few candidates are invited to an assessment, therefore Jack has already placed himself a step closer to securing a dream career.

Edward Perkins, one of Jack’s engineering teachers said: “We are extremely proud of Jack’s success. It is the time of the year when our soon-to-be sixth form leavers search for apprenticeships and by winning the award, Jack has already secured a place in a very desirable assessment centre.

“Over the last year Jack has shown determination to achieve the highest grades and gave up a lot of his free time to help with extracurricular activities.

“I am also very pleased for our runner ups: James Brookman, Rachel Goodridge, Grace Bennett and Harriett Mayne who prove that the world of engineering is equally attractive to females and males.”