Daventry salon smashed by car is open for business

The damaged shop front
The damaged shop front

A town centre business whose front was badly damaged by a car is still open for business says its owners.

Secrets Health And Beauty Salon, in Daventry’s Market Square, saw its front smashed by a car in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Since then its front has been boarded up, but owner Paula Matsukis is keen to get the message out that the salon remains fully open.

The car, for unknown reasons, crashed into the front of the listed building, shattering the glass window and tearing the door from its frame. The car’s bumper was left around a metre inside the shop, indicating how far the car came through the window.

Damage was also caused to another car parked in front of the shops.

Paula said: “Luckily there’s a firefighter who lives nearby who heard or saw the crash and phoned the police. They and the police kept an eye on the shop until I turned up because as you can see from the photos, it was completely open.

“We’ve boarded it up, but because it’s a listed building we can’t simply get repairs done, we need to wait for the council’s planning department to approve it.

“But the damage was only to the window and door, we’ve cleared up the reception area, and nothing else has been affected. We’re open for business as normal.”