Daventry salon faces wait to repair shop front

Secrets' temporary frontage with Ellice Gilbert and Isabella Grafton.
Secrets' temporary frontage with Ellice Gilbert and Isabella Grafton.

The community has pulled together to help a salon in Daventry whose front window and door were destroyed in a car crash.

Secrets Hair and Beauty in Market Square was left with no window and door after a car crashed through the shop front in the early hours of Saturday September 26.

The business faces a potential eight-week wait to get planning permission to replace the front, as the building is listed.

In the meantime a builder and graffiti artist have worked to provide a temporary frontage for the business.

Owner Paula Matsukis said: “Luckily there’s a firefighter who lives nearby who heard or saw the crash and phoned the police. They and the police kept an eye on the shop until I turned up because as you can see from the photos, it was completely open.

“The front was boarded up. Luckily there’s a second door that customers can use. But the boards looked a bit depressing, and there was no daylight inside either.

“Then Mark Haywood from Flecknoe turned up with a spare window he had – they fitted it and didn’t charge us.

“We thought it looked a bit bleak being just bare chipboard, so I asked a graffiti artist to come down and decorate it.

“People at first were asking if we’ve closed down, or were shut, but now people are thinking this is our new permanent shop front. It looks good but we certainly wouldn’t put up a new front made of thin wood!

“Luckily we have the other door for customers. Getting permission to replace the frontage could take up to eight weeks and being boarded up for that long isn’t viable for any small business.”

Police are investigating the circumstance which lead to the car smashing through the front windows.

The crash not only took out the window and door, but damaged walls inside the salon as well, and as the driver reversed out the unit they collided with parked cars.

Paula said: “It wasn’t malicious because nothing was taken. Apparently the car was parked on the other side of the square and someone drove up the hill, mounted the kerb and came through the window. The car’s owner was pretty shocked when he turned up and saw the damage to the car and window afterwards!”