Daventry’s MP said he would have abstained from the High Speed 2 rail vote.

Chris Heaton-Harris MP missed Tuesday’s vote on the second reading of the bill in the Commons as he was on his way back from the USA.

But he said, had he been present he would have abstained any way.

Speaking to the Daventry Express he said: “If I was in Westminster at the time I would have abstained anyway.

“I sit on the Public Accounts Committee and we had HS2 before us about six months ago, and it certainly wasn’t very impressive.

“There have been some changes with the management at HS2 since then.

“I doubt if a government of any colour could deliver this on time or on budget, and I doubt if it will have the economic benefit that they say it will.

“When the new high speed rail project was announced I received literally hundreds of letters – far more than in the week before.

“While I’m aware a number of my constituents feel very strongly about it, I’m still undecided.”