Daventry protestors make NHS action demand

The protestors
The protestors

Protesters gathered on Daventry’s Headlands yesterday (Wednesday) demanding action from the area’s MP.

Health campaigners gathered on the playing fields off Wordsworth Road to campaign against a proposed EU-USA trade agreement – the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, TTIP – and the impact it might have on the NHS.

The protest leaders were calling on MP Chris Heaton-Harris to get the NHS excluded from TTIP.

James Oxley, from Daventry and a spokesman for the campaigners, said: “Hundreds of households are sending a clear message to Chris Heaton-Harris that people across Daventry do not believe it is right for our NHS to be put at risk of irreversible privatisation.”

One of the protesters Agnes Bowckley said: “We’ve got a very good hospital here in Daventry, but they don’t use it. It’s just not fair that people have to travel to Northampton, Rugby or Coventry. We should spend our NHS money on the NHS, not give it to private or American companies.”

Chris Heaton-Harris said: “Local people are being fundamentally mislead. The EU Commission, the US, our Government, and a cross party group of MPs have all already said the NHS is not included in TTIP. There has not been a free trade agreement between two trading blocs like this that has not resulted in increased economic activity. I am fundamentally for free trade agreements.”