Daventry personal trainer “feeling wonderful” after bikini contest victory

Sian James
Sian James

A Daventry personal trainer has earned a spot in a world series bikini contest after claiming top prize at a body fitness show in Birmingham.

Sian Bates, 26, from Southbrook, had entered the World Beauty Fitness and Fashion Show’s fitness category but, at the last minute, also signed up for the event’s bikini competition.

Having trained for 16 weeks prior to the event, Ms Bates said she felt wonderful after winning the contest.

She said: “I felt amazing. I was speechless, to be honest.

“I was interviewed afterwards and I think it was the worst interview ever!

“It was quite a long day as it started at 7pm and you can’t have any water or food.

“We didn’t finish until 11.30pm and it was a bit mad towards the end, but it was a wonderful feeling.”

Winning the contest was something Ms Bates had wanted to do, and it was not until after the birth of her second daughter that she decided to work towards achieving that goal.

“I have looked into it and always thought I’d love to be able to do it,” said Ms Bates.

“After I had my second child I thought to myself ‘I’m just going to go for it now, otherwise I might never do it.’

“So I went for it!”

Ms Bates, who runs her own personal training business, SMART Body Fitness, trained for 16 weeks ahead of the competition, which took its toll as she was unable to spend as much time with her family as she would have wanted.

Her personal training specialises in helping mothers who want to get back into shape and start feeling confident in themselves.

As a result Ms Bates works mornings and evenings to fit around her clients’ schedule which meant coming home to 26-year-old partner Dempsey, a block paver, and daughters Emie, seven, and Ayla, two, late at night.

Ms Bates said she found it hard balancing everything, particularly as her training was intensive towards the end, often incorporating double cardio sessions.

Having finished first Ms Bates is now the owner of a pro card which automatically entitles her to entry into the WBFF Worlds.

She said: “I’ve got my pro card so I am officially part of the WBFF family which means you promote one another in what you do.

“I’m also eligible to compete at the Worlds. I’m looking to enter them possibly in November or next year.”

Since winning the award Ms Bates has been enjoying spending some free time at home in the company of her daughters.