Daventry people invited to walk, talk and heal with the animals

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Here’s the latest Daventry Express column from Robina Wilson.

Robina is a highly-qualified sports massage therapist and yoga teacher, as well as being a wellbeing advocate and enthusiastic blogger.

She owns and runs Daventry-based Body Equilbrium.

As I write this month’s article, those pesky April showers are certainly making an appearance. The abundant blossom and spring flowers may have fooled us into thinking we could pack away the warm clothes, but it appears not just yet. Never mind; grab yourself a cup of tea whilst I tell you about an interesting collaboration lined up for next month…

A few months ago, I wrote an article about the role animals can have in helping us to create and maintain a sense of happiness and wellbeing. If you don’t remember reading it, it discussed how having pets and companion animals in our lives was good for our overall sense of wellbeing, and how they can instil a sense of companionship and ease feelings of loneliness.

When we consider spending time with companion animals, we generally think of domestic pets such as cats, dogs, rabbits, or horses. However, have you ever considered the wellbeing benefits from spending time with an alpaca? Alpacas are South America camelids, which have been domesticated for thousands of years. Aside from their quirky appearance, they are highly social and intelligent animals who live in family group herds and communicate with one another through a wide range of sounds, including humming, and even clucking like chickens!

Last year, I was given an alpaca walking experience at Great Ground Farm in Woodford Halse for my birthday. It was something I had always wanted to do, and I was not disappointed. I would defy anyone who spends time with the alpacas not to be entranced by their engaging mannerisms and expressions. Yes, they can have a certain stubborn quality about them but it’s all part of their cheeky charm. It was particular endearing to hear the male alpacas (these are the ones usually used for walking), ‘singing’ at the female alpacas in the next field to get their attention. Sadly, the ladies were more interested in eating their hay than the serenading of their hopeful beaus.

Having spent the day in the tranquil countryside surrounded by these amazing animals, it got me thinking that maybe we could offer a day where we combined the relaxing qualities of spending time with these beautiful animals with yoga and meditation. To my delight, Drew who owns the alpacas, agreed straight away. On Sunday 26th May, we are co-hosting our very first yoga and alpaca walking day. The day will comprise of meditation and yoga in the field next door to the alpacas, a talk on the historical and social history of alpacas, an alpaca walking experience and lunch. Spaces are extremely limited, so if you’d like to book one, please head over to www.bookwhen.com/bodyeq or contact me directly on info@bodyeq.co.uk to find out more.