Daventry pensioner calls on 'coward' mobility scooter driver to fess up to hitting her in supermarket

Pauline Manderfield
Pauline Manderfield

A Daventry pensioner who was struck on the heel by a mobility scooter in a supermarket has demanded the driver come forward after the hit and run.

Pauline Manderfield, 73, was hit by the runaway woman while queuing up at the till in Daventry's Tesco on May 22, and has since had to visit the doctor's surgery three times.

The incident left her with swelling around her Achilles tendon - which was narrowly missed - and heavy bruising but because the driver got away so soon she has been unable to lodge any kind of complaint or claim.

"After she hit me she said 'you shouldn't have been there,'" said Mrs Manderfield.

"She left straight away and didn't say sorry.

"I was very upset. I don't think she should get away with, she is a coward.

"She didn't ask how I was and blamed me for the accident."

The injuries left Mrs Manderfield barely able to walk and made housekeeping difficult.

Mrs Manderfield, originally from Birmingham, would usually travel to the town centre by bus but after being struck was forced to take taxis, not only to the shops but also to see the doctor.

She thinks she should claim for compensation as a result and her son, who came to visit her in the aftermath, described the incident as similar to an assault.

To prevent similar incidents happening in future, Mrs Manderfield believes mobility scooter users should be escorted round the supermarket by members of staff.

"You can't hear them so they should go slower or have a bell," she suggested.

Husband Richard, 79, who moved to Daventry in 1969 after marrying Pauline, said his wife struggled to walk and that things had been hard after her injury.

"It was pretty rough," he said.

"Everything went to pot, it was very disruptive."