Daventry park bridge needs special timber

The damaged bridge shortly after the arson attack
The damaged bridge shortly after the arson attack

Contractors are having to specially treat timber to repair the bridge at Daventry Country Park that was burnt in an arson attack five weeks ago.

A spokesman for DDC said: “We have appointed a contractor and they are ordering materials and scheduling the work as a matter of urgency. The timber has to be specially treated and is made to order so we can’t yet give an exact date as to when the repairs will be made. We hope to have a better idea in the next few days.

“We are committed as a council to getting the best value for tax payers on any work that is carried out, so we obtained three quotes for the repairs before appointing a contractor.

“As the fire was started deliberately, we also had to wait for the conclusion of the investigation by the Arson Task Force.

“The Country Park is an extremely popular attraction and we would like to thank the public for their patience during this process.

“It is a shame that people’s enjoyment of the park should suffer as the result of such a mindless act of destruction.”