Daventry Museum explores our European links

The crest of Daventry's twin town Westerburg in Germany
The crest of Daventry's twin town Westerburg in Germany

Europe and Us will be the theme of a display being staged in Daventry to
celebrate the area’s history and heritage.

Daventry Museum will be celebrating this year’s Heritage Open Day national theme of ‘Europe and Us’ by putting on a display of Daventry’s twinning with Westerburg in Germany.

Visitors will be able to view memorabilia and photographs of the 30-year partnership.

The history of the building that houses the museum and the offices of Daventry Town Council will be told through a small display and photographs.

The museum hopes to increase awareness of Daventry’s heritage through a fun quiz about the town’s past which will be available at the museum, and online at the town council’s website http://goo.gl/le4tDB.

Museum visitors will also be able to view the current exhibition Collect-o-Mania, an eclectic exhibition that showcases individual collections owned by members of the public. There is an array of objects on display, including teapots, Polly Pockets and model planes.

The museum will be open from 10am to 2pm on Saturday and is free to visit.

As well during Heritage Open Days a special open day will be held at Daventry’s Holy Cross Church on Saturday from 10.30am to 12.30pm with visitors invited to tour the bell tower and have a go at bell ringing.