Daventry MP welcomes minister’s wind turbine comments

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THE MP for the Daventry district has welcomed comments made by the energy minister about wind turbines.

Tory energy minister John Hayes said the UK had ‘enough onshore wind turbines’ and also called for reviews into the noise they produce and their impact on the landscape.

Daventry MP Chris Heaton-Harris has been a vocal campaigner against onshore turbines.

He said: “Obviously I’m very pleased that the minister has and understanding that there are lots of issues around onshore turbines. The fact that we’re having a review into noise and public health issues connected to turbines is important because that’s what lots of people in the Daventry area have spoken to me about, and commented on during the planning process for these wind power stations. It really is a big deal for local people.

“Hopefully the reviews won’t take too long. I’d expect looking into turbine noise will take some time because it’s technical. But I’d like to think that early in the new year they’ll be some results.

“It’s important for local people and planning authorities to have this information – whether it shows there is a problem, or that there is not a problem. Either way people need to see the evidence.”