Daventry MP urges more residents to have smart meters installed

John Sutton and Chris Heaton-Harris MP
John Sutton and Chris Heaton-Harris MP

Residents have been urged to have smart meters installed in their homes to monitor their energy use.

With new data showing that 6,300 smart meters have already been set up in homes in Daventry, the town’s MP, Chris Heaton-Harris, wants to see more residents signing up to help reduce energy use.

All homes and businesses in Britain are being offered smart meters by the end of 2020 as part of the Government’s Smart Meters Bill.

Smart meters, which are fitted free of charge, come with a smart energy monitor, showing how much energy is being used and what it is costing.

Smart meters also mean an end to estimated bills as they automatically send meter readings to the supplier.

Mr Heaton-Harris was given a smart meter demonstration by local expert, John Sutton.

Mr Sutton said: “Getting smart meters installed means you can see how much gas and electricity you’re using so you can stop using energy you don’t need to.

“Small changes, like turning the oven off a minute or two early or unplugging mobiles once fully charged, can save energy. Even having a family film night instead of everyone watching different devices could help too.”

Mr Heaton-Harris said: “I know from speaking to my constituents that they want to be energy efficient and want to keep their energy bills under control.

“I would encourage everyone to find out about smart meters to see how they can help save on energy bills and help manage energy supply.”

For more details www.britishgas.co.uk/smart.