Daventry mobility pitstop offers free safety gear and tyre checks

Some of the volunteers at DACT's Pitstop
Some of the volunteers at DACT's Pitstop

During the dark and wet winter months staying visible and safe on your mobility scooter becomes more important than ever.

John Smith a Pitstop volunteer for DACT advises that before setting off on your journey you should carry out a quick visual check of your scooter to make sure all your lights and indicators are working to ensure that you remain fully visible at all times – anything that enhances your visibility on the pavement and road is a good thing.

DACT Mobility PITSTOP is giving away 30 hi-visibility vests on a first come first served basis. Call in to the DACT Mobility shop in New Street, Daventry to claim one.

Pitstop volunteer John Gough says: “Mobility scooters hate the cold and the damp weather can play havoc with your scooter’s power supply.

“Always power level before every trip and charge your battery regularly. It is worth bearing in mind that extremely cold weather can cause your battery to drain more quickly than usual.

“If you are experiencing any problems with your scooter call DACT Mobility on 01327 312555 and speak to our Pitstop team who will give you some free helpful advice and if necessary can arrange to carry out a health check on your batteries and charger.

“Good tyre traction is vital to the safe operation of your mobility scooter on the road. Ice, snow, moisture and even dead leaves can cause hazardously slippery conditions, so it’s important to ensure that your tyres can cope. Make sure the tyres on your scooter are in good condition and fully inflated.

“If you’re concerned that your tyres aren’t up to scratch, don’t risk an accident by ignoring the problem.

“If you’re concerned that your tyres aren’t up to scratch, don’t risk an accident by ignoring the problem. Visit DACT Pitstop and the maintenance volunteers will carry out a free tyre inspection for you and if they need replacing new ones can be fitted while you wait.”

John Gough added: “The cold weather can affect your mobility scooter in other ways too, so remember to have your machine serviced regularly throughout the winter and at least annually to ensure that you stay safe and mobile.”

DACT Mobility has a fully equipped mobility scooter service workshop open Monday to Friday 9am till 4pm, for details call 01327 312555.