Daventry man’s diet leads to lifestyle change

weight loss Mike
weight loss Mike

A Daventry man is celebrating his losses after shedding an astounding amount of weight.

Mike Holker-Barnes, 63, has been an insulin dependant diabetic for nearly 50 years and had become very overweight.

Mike Holker-Barnes ... before and after

Mike Holker-Barnes ... before and after

He said: “Being overweight is insidious, as it creeps up on you without you realizing it. I found myself unfit, tiring easily, having to buy bigger and bigger clothes – generally I was run down.

“In late December 2014 with my weight at 104kg (16 st 4lb), I discovered that this classified me as obese. It was sufficient impetus for me to decide to regain control of my weight. I needed a structured diet plan. I had previously followed a meal replacement method but had failed after a few months.”

Mike was offered a referral scheme to join Weight Watchers by his doctor.

He added: “I attended my first meeting run by leader Chrisi Burns in Daventry in January. My goal was to reduce my weight to 80kg (12st 7lb) which would give me a healthy BMI below 25.”

Since joining Mike has not only lost more than 24kg, he has also delighted his doctor with the health benefits his weight loss has had – his daily dosage of insulin is 30 per cent less than it was before, and he is much fitter and more active than he has been in years.

Weight Watchers leader Chrisi said: “I am so proud of Mike.

“He has been such a huge inspiration to myself and the other members of the Weight Watchers meeting. He is proof that you can lose weight and keep it off by making small, subtle changes to your eating habits.”

Mike added: “I work for a construction company and am responsible for overseeing a number of large projects. With numerous meetings around the country and lots of travelling, meals tended to be irregular.

“The consequence was snacking and eating whatever was available at the time, resulting in a vast weight gain.

“Joining Weight Watchers was the best thing I have done.”